How Do You Really Find The Right Fit?

The question arises in thousands of HR meetings across the world: Sure, the candidate looks great on paper, and in personal presentation. His behavioural assessment looks great and his references all check out as fit for the role. But what about this candidate’s fit with the personalities already working within your organization? It’s one thing when everyone is on their best behaviour in the pre-hire “dating stage”. But how will this person fit with, for example, the Senior VP currently on maternity leave, who will report directly into, say, your new CEO? What about the daughter or son of the ownership, in real time? The question is how will this person genuinely fit into your hard-won organizational culture with as
little friction as possible?

A safeguard I recommend to all clients is when making an essential hire is understanding the natural and adjusted behaviours of your existing team, in the same way you would vet a new candidate with a valid behavioural assessment. Understanding team behaviours is vital to how this new person will fit within. It will give you deep insights into work, leadership, and motivational styles of your team which will help you really decide who your next hire should be, taking into account not only the individual but also the working dynamics of the team. The results will be more successful; the goal being a smoother, better performing business.

There are a number of behavioural assessment tools out there. I’ve been trained on the Harrison Behavioural Assessment System, which is an in-depth look into the personality and working style of candidates you might hire. Dr. Harrison’s work is globally recognized in the field of human behaviour and is an invaluable asset in seeing behind the masks that people wear to work.

We offer a team discount for Harrison Behavioural Assessments. Contact us for more. And happy hiring!

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