‘Tis The Season To Tipple Something New – 6 Classy Drink Recipes Guaranteed To Get You (And Everyone) Into The Holiday Spirit

SANTAWhat’s on your drink list this holiday? Our favourite recipes from across the web.

The holiday season is known for a lot of happy things, including festive drinks. We’re all familiar with the traditional eggnogs, hot chocolates, and punches. When it comes to giving yourself the gift of some good cheer, make it memorable with some of these twists on the traditional and all-time classics. Here are some of our favourite holiday drink recipes from across the web. Sweet memories are made of this….


The Classic Snowball
From BBC Good Food

Made with advocaat, lemonade and ice, the BBC describes the Classic Snowball as “the ultimate retro cocktail to celebrate the festive season.”

Candycane Hot Chocolate
All Recipes

Whether you make your cacao from scratch or from the pouch or can, this is an easy way to add a lot more zing to your hot chocolate. Better than Starbucks.

Pub Nog

You might like it plain or with your favourite spirits, but have you tried your nog with beer? This pub recipe from Parade is what happens when you combine eggnog with beer: wonderfulness.

Christmas Punch
Sugar and Soul

Take it with spirits or without, the secret to a great holiday punch is three (or more) ingredients. Sugar and Soul recommends this recipe for hard or soft punch that packs a punch either way.

The Sneaky Grandma Cocktail
The Daily Meal

Give grandma one of these while she’s unwrapping gifts and you’ll have a very merry grandma, indeed. The Sneaky Grandma sneaks up on you, so be gentle with your ingredients, or not, depending on your grandma.

Bloody Mary or Caesar (with clam instead of tomato juice)
From Liquor.com

The Bloody Mary or Caesar is a classic and classy vodka-based drink, which doubles as a nutritional breakfast and hangover cure all in one. Too many of the classic Bloody Mary or Caesar cocktail can make you very unclassy, so bloody well take it in sips.

Do you have any favourite drink recipes? Send us your favourites here.

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