This Is Your Time To Prepare

Companies will need to re-hire. Now is your time to prep for the job and life you really want.


When I read the news of Scandia countries experiencing layoffs of 500,000 people, or Air Canada laying off 15,000, or the local restaurant I love losing their staff, and their business, it makes my heart go out to every individual who has been temporarily furloughed or outright fired. Every ‘bread winner’ has people they are winning bread for, and so many families and lives have been put into a tailspin in economic terms alone. Piling on the personal tragedies of illness and death due to Covid-19 makes for a cauldron of anxiety, fear, grief and anguish that’s almost too hard to bear thinking about. But, think about it we must, because we have people to take care of, lives to think about, and rents and mortgages and bills to pay. The relentlessness of the personal economy continues in the micro, even as the macro economics fall and fail around us.

You might be experiencing job loss right now. You might be experiencing the loss or near loss of your hard-won business. I can relate to your anxiety very well, as we have gone through the valleys in recent weeks, too. There’s no sugar-coating the bad. But, with bad times, also come new opportunities. Like preparing yourself right now for Next Life (is this supposed to be capitalized??), and position yourself for your next job. And maybe the job you really want.

I mention this because there have been a lot of people reaching out to us in recent days for career coaching. Why? They want to prepare themselves for what’s next for their careers and their families. People are deeply affected by what’s been going on, and it is a steep and slippery slope when you’re hit with sudden loss of job or loss of your business. So, what can you do? You can prepare yourself for what comes next. And that’s where ProFound Coaching can help you. We help transition people back into the workforce after job loss, and we can guide you through a process where we help you find what you really want to do, align you with those careers, tighten up and add to your resume, help you project the right image and qualities to the market through your Linked In or other social channels, and start connecting you with employers who are hiring. The idea is to get you positioned the best way and in the best light for what comes next.

Our coaches not only help align you for careers and help you find that career, we also help you find balance in your life through a coaching process that shines a light on weaker areas in your life wheel in order to strengthen up all aspects of your life and career. For instance, some people invest all their waking life into work while neglecting themselves and their family. So, when bad times strike, like now, when your life is overbalanced to one area of your life wheel, it makes it harder to recover from the loss. The idea is to help you shape a life and a career that you love, one that has balance, and one where each component part adds to and upholds the other parts. So, when something goes wrong, which it will because this is life, you will be equipped to see your life as a whole, interdependent, and well distributed. If you are a gung-ho careerist, this doesn’t mean we take your energy away from that area of interest to you. We simply help you see that you can have that same, or similar, energy in all parts of your life, and that all parts of the whole take work to give you what you want: which is to be happy in everything you do, and to nurture the connections that make you who you are and that provide you the energy you need through good times and bad.

Reach out to us today and we can give you a fuller look at how we can help you transition back into the workforce, or even transition from what you’re doing now to something better. We have coached hundreds of leaders and careerists with our proprietary coaching tools and we have a very high success rate for helping people live the life and find the career they want.

Everything takes work. And for some of us right now we are fighting for our lives. ProFound Coaching can help you get back on to a smooth track again, with friendly experts who have gone through the same things and can really help. I hope you give us the opportunity to help you get to where you want to be.

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