3 Easy Ways To Refresh Yourself That Won’t Cost Even A Penny

We career and transition coach every day. Here’s what I do to refresh myself.

Today, I have met with three new coaching clients who, they’ve said, feel a sense of relief in having a compassionate and informed ear to help them in a time of trial and uncertainty. It’s a fulfilling feeling to know that people see you as their guide through turbulence and change. But even the coaches sometimes need a coach, because all of us are human and feel the same anxieties, uncertainty, and doubts. I have spoken about this before in articles and videos on ProFound Talent YouTube. Whenever I start to feel the tug of anxiety, here are three simple things I try to do every day.

Take 10 deep breaths. Deep breathing has been proven down the centuries to provide a calming effect, and there are physiological reasons for it. Deep breathing gives you more oxygen deep into your lungs and helps you expel stale air from the body. Doing 10 deep and slow breaths is proven with most people to create a calming feeling at times when you feel anxiety coming on.

Think grateful thoughts. As you deep breath 10 times, think about the things for which you’re grateful. This might be something as simple as you have a roof over your head. It might be gratefulness for having your family close, or it might be just being grateful for being alive. Whatever you’re grateful for, think of this when you breath.

Make your insides smile. The Taoists say that in meditative exercises, you should thank your organs and smile at them, and thank them for their good work. The idea is to go around your entire body from head to thyroid, to lungs, to heart, to liver, to spleen, to all of what keeps you alive and happy, thank them for doing their work in a grateful, smiling and friendly way. There is evidence to say this helps to stimulate your body in positive ways and to balance your energy.