We Could All Use A Little Coaching

The ant philosophy: Never stop gathering value, never stop looking for a way to get where you’re going, do all you can to get to your goals in all seasons of life.

Changes you make in your life, for good or bad, add up to either extra worth in the next one year, two years and three years, or a deficit across a wide range of major life issues. All kinds of ideas help create value, ideas about enterprise, building a better life, leadership. But you need inspiration and action to make ideas happen and work. Inspiration itself is a mystery; it’s something like emotional vitality, and some people have this incredible zest for life, while some have a ho-hum attitude, letting it slide, taking whatever comes. It is inspiring to watch people be inspired and act on that inspiration. It is equally dispiriting to see the dispirited wish their lives away. The key to personal and life growth is self motivation. Some people will say, ”I’m waiting for the inspiration or the inspiring person to inspire me.”

My question to you is: What if they don’t show up? Waiting for someone or something to happen is always a bad plan. You are your own plan.

You need to get onto your own challenges and problems, the proper response makes all the difference if you will reap value and fortune or if you’ll be standing in a barren life, without the tools to cope. This is the dangerous place.

You need to be responsible for what happens to you. Who you are is where you’re at and what you will become, because life is an accumulation. Where you look is where you go. And what you reap you sow.

No matter at what stage you’re in, in life, career, family, you will always be tested, especially when the creditors are calling. Maybe this is an extraordinary challenging time for you. Maybe this is your winter. Regardless of where you’re at, there are things you can do to change your next five years and ten years. Forks in the road: Which way do you go? What’s your next path of opportunity? In times of trial, like now, I want to bring you value and not let you get by being smaller and less than you really are.

To get more, the positive more, we need to be thankful for what we have. What blocks the flow of all good communication, or moving ahead in life, is cynicism. But if we turn cynicism into thanksgiving then ideas can flow, and we can grow.

It’s important to evaluate your perceptions of what’s really going on. If your mental scales are off, it will affect your life. Especially if you let it persist because it accumulates. We either accumulate the debt or the value, the regret or the equity. Either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The choice is yours. Regret is heavy; discipline, at first hard, becomes light and makes you stronger. Here are some things to consider:

Be eager to learn. No matter what you know there’s so much more to learn. The key is to stimulate the mind to think, open channels, and refine your intellect.

Be a good listener. How do you sort through all the voices, and give time to the voices of substance? Ideas that can change your life are there for you, if you look for them and listen.

What’s your philosophy? How do you think about things and yourself? Ignorance is not bliss, it’s hell, and staggering from mistake to mistake is a miserable way to live. It’s important to know that philosophy sets the course of your life. Get the information you need, it’s out there. It’s not easy to accumulate knowledge that turns into feeling and wisdom. Being broke is bad but being stupid is terrible. Get to know what you don’t know. The information you don’t get will be the difference. What we ponder and think about sets the course of our life. Ask yourself, where are my thoughts taking me? Where is your philosophy taking you?

What’s your attitude? Attitude is feelings about what we know, an emotional perspective on life. For instance, you might say to yourself about a job, “if this is all they pay, then I’m not coming early and not staying late.” Do you think this attitude will affect what happens to you over the next five years? Of course. You can’t escape it. Ask yourself, am I on track or off track with my attitude? Attitude is a hard thing to fix and tune up, that’s true. But it’s imperative for your life’s course. How do we engage in thinking that will refine our attitude to bring us fortune? Your attitude could be, instead, “no matter what they pay, I will come in early and stay late because it’s about my personal growth.” Everyone must choose for themselves how they think about things, but the consequences of attitude come calling for all of us. Changing your mind equals your discipline. How you feel about the past can also affect you negatively or positively. The past can overwhelm instead of instruct. How do you feel about the past? How you feel about the future is the most important thing, and not feeling bad or weighing the past too heavily. A clear view of tomorrow would be great, but none of us has a crystal ball. You need to see the promise and pay the price to get where you want to be. The future is not whatever you believe your past to be, it’s the place of worth and value and inspiration. Will you engage in the extra thoughts and discipline to get where you want to be? You can.

How do you feel about others? Attitudes about society, country, state, community, family, enterprise are so important to understanding what makes a good life. You can’t succeed by yourself, so to have a refined appreciation of others is important to your sense of self. It takes all of us to build a community, a society, a country, a company. Allegiance to the good of all is an important and key idea. Every ‘I” should start with thinking about “the all”. It takes all of us to make a mark, to create a spark, to make possibilities soar.

How do you feel about yourself? Understanding self worth is the beginning of progress. How valuable are you? What could you become? In terms of family, home, marriage, friendship, career? Once you start understanding how valuable you are, life becomes a whole new experience. Our life becomes how we feel about ourselves, and the activities and the things that we do. Success is doing. Failure is wishing. What is your philosophy about activity? How hard do you go at something? Do you have full days? Are you active in a positive way?

Coaching isn’t about hiring someone to give you pep talks and make you feel better about what you are not doing. The reason for coaching is to add to your life, your enterprise, your productivity, to see what you can do with your opportunities, your mind, spirit, and yourself. To see what you can do and to help you see what you may not be able to see on your own.

As the saying goes, whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might.

So, what are you going to do today? Ask yourself: How tall will a tree grow? Answer: They grow all the way. And so can you. Don’t choose to be less than you were designed to be. Your best life is within your grasp. Feel good about yourself, about the future, about others, because what you do is what you become, and what you become is only yours. Now, commit to your attitude, activity, and your life. The rewards will come with small changes consistently applied. Just give it a try. To become all that you can become, you need to hang in there and care about your life, your days, the people you know, the enterprises you’re involved in, and yourself.

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