Achieving A Great Dream Takes Work, But It’s In You To Do

Successful dreaming takes a lot of doing. Failure to launch takes a lot of doing, too.

What’s your dream career? Your dream life? And what’s keeping you from achieving your dream? With most people it amounts to never starting, only dreaming. The road to success is littered with lost dreams, procrastinated into oblivion, leaving a wake of regrets and ‘could have beens’.

Do you feel too afraid to turn your dream into reality?

Procrastination is the enemy of your own good. Fear will freeze you into place. Without action, nothing good will happen. Necessity might be the Mother of Invention. Procrastination and fear are the true enemies of dreams coming true. And dreams don’t just happen on their own. It takes a lot of hard work, resilience and commitment every day to achieve your ultimate dreams in life and career. And then there is the effort to maintain and grow the vision you have for yourself and your life.

When things happen to disrupt our lives, like a pandemic, a divorce, an estrangement from children or family, debt, job loss, these things and more can push us off centre and interfere both with our goals and our sense of ourselves. We might begin to believe we don’t have the abilities we once thought we had, that the dream is too far out of reach, that there are other more important and practical things to deal with first.

Life being what it is can demoralize us easily, make us feel less than we are, and make us feel that dreams we have for ourselves should be abandoned, that we should play it safe. And so we shrink. And with us, our dreams for ourselves shrink, too.

None of us can see into the future, and the ‘bad’ things that happen to us can demoralize and deenergize us to such a degree we feel different about ourselves, the world and the people around us. When ‘good’ things happen, we might feel blessed, lucky, even important. But, if you are always only riding the wave of chance, without controlling the ship riding those waves, fortune will take you where it will. But, if you realize you are the captain and master of your destiny, that you can point that ship into the wind by your effort, then you will be much better able to cope with the trials that come and the effort it takes to achieve your destination.

How we see the world is what happen to us.

For example, it’s a truth that where one door closes, another door opens. Maybe even several new doors. From every rejection or failure, new opportunities arise. It’s all a matter of how you see the world. Do you drift on the waves of failure and low self esteem, or do you take the position that you are the ultimate master of your destiny and steer things to your advantage?

The easiest thing in the world is to give up on your dreams. The hardest thing in the world is to fulfill your dreams. Each take almost an equal amount of work. To deny yourself your dreams takes energy. To grab hold of your dreams and run to them, takes energy, too. As ever in life, the choice is yours. Do you want to expend the negative energy to deny your dream life, or do you want to accumulate the positive feeling and energy from stepping forward and walking to your goals? Every day it takes energy to either fulfill or deny our dreams. The only thing really standing in your way is your sense of yourself, how you see the world, and the strength to keep walking in the direction of your ultimate goals for yourself. Standing still should never be an option, but so many people fritter away their days with no action to advance themselves towards the things they dream of achieving.

So let’s act. Let’s make it happen. Keep walking every day towards what makes you happy, what satisfies you, without letting fear, negativity, or procrastination take hold of you.

Dreams won’t happen without hard work. Failing to achieve your dreams takes very little work at all. The difference is that both take an expenditure of energy, just in different directions. One will build you up and move you forward. The other will freeze you in place and make you feel small.

Feel big. Start doing what’s going to get you ahead, not in the sense of getting ahead of others, but getting you ahead of where you want to be tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

There’s no one stopping you except yourself, a little determination, and the hard but happy work it takes to finally realize your best career, your best life and your best self.

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