The Essence of Success

Everyone needs a coach to achieve their best self.


Before I got into coaching executives and professionals, I believed the idea that we are all on our own, that we make it on our own, and we are thrown in the world to sink or swim. In our western culture it’s the most common thing in the world to believe, because we are taught to believe, that we are islands unto ourselves, that we need to make it on our own, and it’s up to us to either make it or break it. I myself believed that for a long time, mostly because everyone around me also thought the same things in the same way.

There are many cultures that don’t think this same way about life and family, and it took me some time to see that this way of teaching is antithetical to personal growth.

We have all heard of the self-made person, the self-made millionaire, the lady, or gentleman, who made it all on their own. While it’s true in some cases and no doubt admirable, it seems to me that this is the hardest way to make it in the world. What if instead of believing we are all on our own to make it as we will, that we had a community of people around us who can help us succeed and care about our success? Not just financial, but in the development of our person, our personality, our confidence, and the confidence in the feeling that our connections with other people are the ultimate satisfaction and success?

It true that most people see success as financial success. But that’s only one small piece of a much larger pie. There’s no doubt you can succeed in life only driven by the pursuit of money. But there are other more worthy pursuits that can also bring you worldly riches, potentially in an even easier way than if you do it by yourself with only the drive to succeed financially.

This person is called a mentor. Or a coach. A person that sees the whole you, with all your strengths and all your faults, and helps you see and find your greater potential.

It’s not easy trying to find your path in life alone. I hardly think that anyone really does anything on their own without the help of someone along the way.

I can remember a lot of coaches who helped me along the way to being where I am today, feeling confident, poised, and able to help others with the knowledge I’ve acquired by learning some things the hard way. Experience grows us, good and bad, but it’s really the coaches in our lives who help us push past our fears, our feelings of inadequacy, our self doubts. Coaches are the ones who tell us for our own good that we can do and be more than we ourselves think we’re capable of. Without coaches or mentors in our lives, we tend to make the choices on a pattern we’ve developed over time, patterns that in most cases don’t help us break free from our same old feelings about ourselves. A coach can help break the pattern and reveal the potential in you that you yourself, by yourself, could not tap into without the thoughts, objectivity, and absolute good will for achieving your best self that a coach can bring to your life.

This is one of the reasons I live being a mentor and a coach to others. I learned from others who were coaches and mentors to me, and, over time, put all that together into a method and methodology that really helps people looking for support and answers. It’s my proudest moment when a coaching client comes to me and says how much of a difference I made in their life and career, that they couldn’t do it without me, and their gratitude just flows from them. I can’t think of anything more fulfilling in my career. It’s what keeps me going and doing what I do.

It’s why I’m so proud to have created, so I can bring my 20 years of coaching knowledge to the world. The one thing that bothered me about one-on-one coaching was that I could only reach so many people at one time during a day or a week. I wanted to help be that coach and mentor to people from around the world. And I’m proud to say we are now helping mentor and coach people from all walks of life, of all ages and from all over the world.

I hope you take some time to look at our platform and find something in it for you that will help you achieve more that you could on your own. I’ve literally taken 20 years of learning and put it into a format that can help other people achieve their dream careers and a better life. I know there are lots of coaches out there. But I can tell you with sincerity that is a platform that will help transform your life, your career, and your current situation for the better. This is exactly the reason I built it: for people just like you looking for answers, having issues, looking for something better. I know you will find what you’re looking for. In putting it together, I know I found my own purpose: providing tools to enhance and grow the lives of other people around the world, just as some of my mentors and coaches did for me through the years. I truly want you to have a profound life and I hope you find the tools at to be of huge benefit to you in your journey though your career and your life.