To Change Your Life

Bringing new skills on board will help you cope and grow.

I’ve written in these pages before about the power of the mind. With the progress of science comes the progress of knowing that the adage “mind over matter” has a lot of truth in it. As Dr. Peter Doidge said in his book on neurology, our brains are plastic, which means they are malleable, and can be grown and trained to do almost anything.

A real example that comes to mind for me is from an old uncle of mine. He once had frostbite on his lower right lip; years after, the pain of it never really went away. He was always in pain on that part of his lower lip. One day he decided he was going to train himself to say to himself that there was no pain there, that it was all in his head. Over time, after enough time of saying this to himself, he says his lip pain went away and never returned. I was young when this happened, but it stuck with me forever. We can train and coach ourselves to achieve what we want. We can even change how we feel.

My entire life, I wanted to help people. Not just help them into careers or connect them with the right opportunities or people. But to help them train themselves to be the best they can be. And, to me, this begins with brain training. As I accumulated experience and started coaching people in their careers and lives, I soon realized that I could only do so much at one time when I was one-on-one coaching. I found it a bit frustrating that I couldn’t reach more people at one time. That’s when I made my dream a reality, so that I could bring my career and life brain training methods to a wider, global audience.

What’s most satisfying to me now is to see the successful students coming out of ProFound Coaching who say things like ProFound Coaching helped me see things in a whole new light; or, ProFound Coaching has given me the confidence to go out on my own and pursue the dream I was previously afraid to pursue. Or all of those others who write to me to say ProFound Coaching training methods have been a lifeline and a comfort to them as they move through and transition from one job to the next.

When I first started in executive and professional recruiting, I saw the recruiting companies around me trading people for fees, a purely transactional experience. It wasn’t bad for the companies doing the transacting. But I always felt that there was more for the candidates, especially the majority of candidates who didn’t get the job. They would be ignored, not called back, in a cattle call process that made them feel even more unsure of themselves, with less esteem, and, in some cases, a growing fatalism that took over their thoughts and influenced their way of seeing themselves and the world.

With ProFound Coaching I wanted to change all of that, and build a platform and a community where job seekers at all levels could both find the tools they need to improve their brand in the market, where people could find real methods and tools and ways of thinking that transformed them, their lives, and their potential. That I could share 20 years of experience from one place with people from all over the world has, so far, been the highlight of my career.

I’ve often seen candidates come for interviews and you can see that they’ve gone through the gauntlet of rejection. It’s in their eyes, in the way they sit, the way they speak, the way they look, and even the way they dress. Through a process of transactions, and being denied the final goal, which is the job, you can see people worn down, fearful, and anxious. These feelings all come across in an interview. But what if, despite all of that, despite the constant rejection and feelings of inadequacy that build with each last failed job interview, there was a place of caring, where tools and live coaches are available who could help you see your real potential and help you achieve it. A place where positive reinforcement is the order of the day, with the objective is to build people back up. To create candidates who present better, feel more confident, and project the right confidence in interviews. When I think back across my 20 years of executive and professional recruiting and coaching, I feel this is really my mission: to make as many people change their minds as possible, so that they can go forward in life, more informed, happier, more confident, and more capable of winning that next job interview. And even be better in their relationships with co-workers, family, and friends.

I encourage you to look at the in-depth learning courses and the career tools we’ve developed at It’s making all the difference in the world for our growing client base. We hope you’ll join us on the journey to change your mind, grow your skills for the better, and be profound.