Do You Know Who You Are?


Who Am I? What Career Suits Me Best? offers personality and job fit assessments that align you to careers you will excel at, and you’ll learn a thing or two about yourself in the process.

Who doesn’t like exploring and learning more about yourself?? I know I do. How about doing a behavioral assessment that can tell you more about who you are and what careers you would love? There are all kinds of simple and fun ones online you can take for free that will tell you what your personality type is, what your emotional IQ is, and all sorts of other, shall we say, less credible tests with a wide margin for error.

I bring this up because one of the fun and scientific tools we use at is a tool to assess candidates for job fit based on personality. The tool has been developed over 40 years to be probably the most accurate job fit and personality tool on the planet today.

The reason we use these tools is to help employers and candidates understand themselves better. Like how they react in stressful situations; how they deal with conflict; what their critical thinking levels are, and how all of these several attributes add up to either fitting well for a certain job, only a little bit, or not at all.

As an example, I had an individual who had been in sales all of their life. Once they took our job fit and behavioral assessment, it showed that they weren’t really aligned for a sales job at all. They were more introverted than extroverted, and simply some of the traits needed for a sales role did not align with who they were at their natural state. This candidate knew that they struggled in their sales role but they didn’t really understand why. But you could tell that he had resigned himself to the fated idea that because he had been a salesman nearly his whole career, and so had his father been, that this would be the natural place for him to build his career. He was very unhappy and felt stuck. What he didn’t realize was that by not being aligned with his personality to the traits needed in the role, he was using much more of his energy to actually do the job. This energy suck was exhausting him and making him unhappy.

After taking what we call the ‘Career Options’ and ‘Insights’ assessment on, he could see in black and white that he wasn’t suited for sales. It took too much energy for him to be outgoing when he was inwardly shy, he would feel nervous at every sales call, and he felt like he was losing confidence, focus and direction day after day. What he found out from our ‘Career Options’ and ‘Insights’ assessment tools is that there were a dozen of other careers for which he was better suited, and for which he could use his sales training but in a different way: training sales teams instead of being a salesperson himself. Seeing his results made him call me and say that this was a real lightbulb moment for him: to understand why he felt so exhausted and unaccomplished at the end of the day, why he became anxious on calls, and why he felt like he was going nowhere with his life. His results showed him that he would be more aligned with a role that involved teaching and training.  He could see himself doing that, using the knowledge he’d built over nearly 20 years to train others. His introverted qualities would make him a good listener and a compassionate teacher. It was then that he made the move to be a trainer of people. It was clearly a much better fit for him, more likely to use the tools he had which would make him feel less exhausted, more fulfilled, happier and more present.

If you haven’t taken the ProFound Coaching ‘Career Options’ or ‘Insights’ module at yet, I encourage you to do it and find out what best fits you as a career and who you really are. We have a one-time special price right now for $34.99 for each course. You will get a complete report that provides you great insight into yourself and the career options that are best suited for you. It’s not just fun to do, it can be an essential guide for you to get on the path to a better career and a happier life.