Success Starts in the Mind

Could the secret to success and abundance be in your mindset?

What quote resonates with you?

  • “I got this!”
  • “I wish I didn’t feel like everything was my fault”
  • “Failure is key to success”

The undertone in each of these quotes is very different.  The quote: “I got this!” exudes positive vibes.  The message is encouraging and leaves you feeling confident.  Whereas the quote, “I wish I didn’t feel like everything was my fault” has a negative connotation to it. It leaves you feeling down and a bit helpless. What I am alluding to is that you are what you think you are…you become what you believe and what you say.  If you say everything is your fault, you will believe it and you will exude it to others. Instead, change this thought pattern to “there is no fault, only lessons that we grow and learn from.” This now conveys a different message.  If you say both out loud, you will notice how your energy shifts from the first to the second.

Similarly, if you focus on using words like ‘failure’, you manifest this as reality in your life and career. Instead change your words and your thoughts to a phrase such as “I learn and grow, therefore I am a success”. Looking at the glass half full is far more powerful, positive and fulfilling than looking at it empty. Having a negative mindset will attract negativity into your life and career, which I do not believe anyone has a real desire to do. It is astounding to me, how often we don’t realize our thought patterns and where our energy lies.  Watch your thoughts and your words, STOP yourself when you notice a negative vibe that is presenting and re-phrase that mindset to something more positive. This is a mindset change which takes time and will take you from the sub-conscious to the conscious state where you can re-train your brain on how you think. Try not to become frustrated with yourself as change and new habit formation take time. This is creation of a new habit which will take some effort, courage, and diligence to make it happen. When you stop, turn your mindset to thinking positive thoughts, using optimistic statements and then notice how your energy becomes upbeat. Then stop and watch what manifests in your life when amazing things start to happen.  And when they do, as they will… grateful! Say thank you!

As Rhonda Byrne says in her book ‘The Secret’, “Your power is in your thoughts, so stay awake.  In other words, remember to remember”.  What she is expressing is: “be mindful of your thoughts always.  If you find yourself thinking negatively, catch the thought and immediately discard it like a piece of trash.”

Is there any truth to the idea that mindset can manifest success and abundance in our business and in our personal lives?  We think so.  ProFound Talent uses the attraction philosophy in our business every day and we encourage you to cultivate an abundant mindset.

What is the ProFound Group of Companies Difference?  We attract abundance….

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“See the things that you want as already yours.” – Rhonda Byrne

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