Mob Boss Miracle

Michael Franzese, pledged himself to the mafia at age 22 when he was called into becoming a Mob Boss after his dad’s conviction to prison for a crime that Michael insists his father did not commit. “By the age of 35, in 1986, Fortune Magazine listed Franzese as number 18 on its list of the ‘Fifty Most Wealthy and Powerful Mafia Bosses” making over $8M a week. While Franzese speaks of this list as being silly, he states that “what is not silly about the list is that they are all dead or in prison.” In 1987 Franzese makes the bold decision to leave the Columbo family business after taking a blood oath for life to commit to the mafia family. According to ABC News Reporter, Bill Weir, “Two things changed his life, prison and a woman named Camille.” It was these two significant events in his life that awakened Franzese to his opportunity to make change. What is significant about this, is that we all have these moments or awakenings where we have choice, choice to take a different path…choice to determine our purpose and choice to live our life and dreams in a manner that is not dictated to us but one that is intentional to our being.

Franzese has defied all odds. “When a Mobster leaves the mafia, they leave in one of two ways, witness relocation or a body bag”, Bill Weir, ABC News. What is fascinating about this story is that Michael Franzese has escaped death and to this day, has no explainable reason for this. “There is no blueprint for leaving the mob and (he) attribute(s) that to God having a different purpose for (him)”, Michael Franzese. Today, Michael is an Evangelist and a motivational speaker, using his realized purpose to bring his good into helping others create a greater life.

A few of the lessons Franzese speaks of that can have meaning for us all:

  • “Its wrong to lie, its wrong to cheat, its wrong to steal”, Franzese. Live an honest and authentic life.
  • Take different paths in life, don’t be afraid to walk new roads…it may be this, which saves your life. Franzese speaks of this keeping him alive. He changes his pattern. He never walks the same path. And when he speaks of this, he means literally. He never walks the same route to work, he leaves his home at different times, he never dines at the same restaurant; he is unpredictable. This unpredictability keeps him safe; it stops others from knowing his pattern and it allows him to see life differently each day.
  • Nothing more powerful than a brotherhood among guys”, Franzese. What Franzese speaks of here is community. When asked if he missed the mafia, he states no but he does miss his powerful “brotherhood”. Create community, create friendships, create relationships. Its tough to walk this journey of life alone. Make the effort to create your community.
  • Find your faith, whether that be in God, Spirit, the Universe, or some other form. Franzese knew he couldn’t leave the mafia alone, he made a “plea to God to help save (his) life”. Sometimes in life, we need to succumb to a higher being, a higher purpose and to let go of trying to control life when we have no control. When life gets challenging, we often try to hang onto the reigns tighter. Instead, try letting go, ride the waves (the ups and the downs), and bring a positive energy and faith into your life knowing that all will be well… then quiet your mind, listen, open your eyes and watch….for all that presents itself in your life that are signs to guide you in the direction you are meant to go.

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