Life’s Stopwatch

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.”- Leo Christopher

Time is precious, we all know this, and we have all heard this. But how many of us live each moment knowing that time could be taken from us in a blink of an eye? This is not a new topic, but an important one that warrants a reminder.

In my younger years, time felt endless…but as I approach that miracle age of 50, time is on my mind. In my younger years, I worried about things that I now realize were out of my control, I chased friendships that weren’t reciprocated, I did things to please others instead of pleasing myself, I tiptoed around trying to be perfect so as not to be judged. In short, I did things for others and I lived my life to be accepted by others.

As I age, and time is passing by fleetingly, I CHOOSE…yes, I will say it again…I choose. I choose how my moments are spent preciously. I spend them with the people that bring joy, learning and love to my life. I spend them with people who uplift me and help me to be a better person. I spend my precious time in the career I love, which happens to be my business…my dream of taking my learning in life to help others, to uplift people and companies in their own growth. I choose to find happiness in each day, even when some days are tough. I choose to be kind to others when some people aren’t always so kind. I live my life with no regret. Are you able to say the same?

Look at your life and ask yourself this one question, “If I died tomorrow, was my life the one I envisioned it to be?” Be honest with yourself. If your answer is no, then get excited. Get excited as it is not too late to start choosing the life you want and spending your time preciously for you. Be grateful for this realization as its not too late.

Ask yourself, “If my life could be anything, what would it look like?” Take away the obstacles and fears that will pop into your answer. If you dream it, you can be it! Start spending your moments in life living your dreams, spending it with the people you enjoy, being grateful and working in a career you love.

When I was choosing to leave my partnership in a national executive search firm to start my business, a friend gave me a quote that inspired me and that I held close to my heart during this period. This quote was “If you’re dreams don’t scare you, they are too small” – Richard Branson. And with that, I leave you with this quote that inspired me, with hopes it may be inspirational to you. May you DREAM BIG!

Dream Big! Be Extraordinary! Be ProFound!

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