Baby Steps

You need to walk before you can run. When a baby is first born, they experience the many milestones of their life as they grow and develop. It may start with that little baby smile or giggle, or when they roll over on the floor. As time goes on, they learn, they become stronger, and they become confident as they see their small successes. Along the way, they have mom and dad, celebrating every little milestone with a hug, a kiss, a clap out of pure excitement for their small achievement. Eventually, they are standing and taking those few first baby steps and before you know it, they are running. Do you recall your baby steps before you started the run? Likely not. When was the last time you would have taken the time to look back to see where you started?

It’s no wonder that as we age, we keep running. We were taught to run. We don’t stop. We don’t take the time to look back to see how far we have come, to see where we started and what we have accomplished. We rarely take the time to see that the success we have achieved came from a series of baby steps.

The lesson here is that when you are feeling overwhelmed, STOP. Stop for a moment of reflection to look back at how far you have come. Slow down from the run and remember that everything starts with a baby step. Break your goal or your challenge into small pieces and take it day by day. Be present to the moment you are in, celebrate the small successes which might simply be getting through each moment in the day, and pat yourself on the back for each moment you get through as sometimes even the smallest moments can be incredibly difficult and know that each second, each minute, each baby step turns into something bigger. And before you know it, you will be walking, and then running again.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, having a tough time in reaching your goals, you don’t have to walk alone. Reach out to us at or check out ProFound Coaching at We will help you take those baby steps, we will celebrate each milestone with you and we will help you run again!