Slay Your Day

What are you going to do to slay your day?!

Are you facing a large fire breathing dragon?  Wondering how you are going to conquer this dragon? For me, this quote says it all:

“Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure.” — Napoleon Hill

After all, it’s only a dragon!

If you focus your mindset on overcoming the biggest challenge in your day instead of focusing on the daunting feeling of defeat that may be creeping into your mind, you are putting your energy in a direction that can only produce a triumphant and positive outcome. By focusing on overcoming the challenge and not failing at it, you are creating a mindset of success, you are putting your energy in a productive and positive space and you are manifesting a result that you want.

I like to structure my day to tackle the daunting task first. By doing this, I set the stage for my day, by getting the dragon out of my way and out of my mind. I like to tackle my challenges at the onset of my day when I am morning fresh, full of energy and feeling strength. This type of focus usually determines my reality.

Other techniques you may want to consider keeping your focus might be:

Avoid Distractions:

Alert people that you will be unable to respond to them right away and give yourself the amount of time required to achieve your task.

Close all the windows on your computer that are distractions.  Same goes for your cell phone, put it on DND and turn it face down.  This will prevent you from looking at all those pesky notifications and pop ups.

Prepare yourself:

Make sure that you have no reason to abandon your task.  Avoid excuses to take you away from your dragon. Get them out of the way, out of your mind and focus! Grab a coffee, water, snack and use the washroom ahead of time.

If you have an office, close the door.  One of my colleagues once installed blinds on her office door. We all knew if they were closed that she needed some uninterrupted time.

Sometimes all we need is some uninterrupted, quality time to slay the day and become a productivity giant.

“Everyone’s time is limited. What matters most is to focus on what matters most.”
― Roy T. Bennett