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The Power of Good Communication

The Power of Good Communication… Communication is at the soul of all relationships. Whether it is a professional relationship or one with your spouse, children, or friends, communication can be the one key factor that can either make or break it. One of the greatest learnings we coach Leaders on, is their communication style and […]

Beeing ProFound!

Beeing ProFound! I recently read a novel titled “The Enlightenment of Bees” by Rachel Linden.  This book is a delightful read and really resonated with me on a number or levels. The book is about a young lady’s journey through self discovery.  Following some of her life challenges, she decides to join a humanitarian organization […]

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness As you may already know, October is Mental Health Awareness month. I thought it incredibly important to both acknowledge this and also do some sharing, with hopes that others will see this as an opportunity to express themselves knowing that it is okay to do so. No judgement. Here is the reality […]


Milestones Do you ever get up in the morning look in the mirror and wonder who is staring back at you? I think it’s something that we all do from time to time but especially when we are nearing a milestone in our life. With every milestone that approaches I think many of us find […]

Journey to Digital Excellence

Journey to Digital Excellence What if you don’t have a CDO – Chief Digital Officer? Whose role does it become in your company to ensure that you are implementing digital strategies and keeping up with the newest digital marketing trends? The world is constantly changing and with it so does technology.  How can leaders possibly […]

What’s an Employer Brand & How is it Created?

What’s an Employer Brand & How is it Created? Creating an employer brand can set you apart from your competition, establish your company as an employer of choice in your industry and help you attract, recruit, and retain top talent. A well-established employer brand will ensure that you are attracting your desired employees.  Imagine having […]

Slay Your Day

What are you going to do to slay your day?! Are you facing a large fire breathing dragon?  Wondering how you are going to conquer this dragon? For me, this quote says it all: “Focus on the possibilities for success, not on the potential for failure.” — Napoleon Hill After all, it’s only a dragon! If […]

Tradition and Change

Why is tradition so important to us? Frank Sonnenberg, an award-winning author and thought leader, speaks of tradition as being “a critical piece of our culture. They help form the structure and foundation of our families and our society. They remind us that we are part of a history that defines our past, shapes who […]

Swimming Against the Current

I discovered a few years ago that life did not have to be tough. This may not seem earth shattering to you, but to me, it was! Up until that time, if things could go wrong, they did! I couldn’t understand why everything “bad” always happened to me. What did I do, that caused me […]

What Do You Do?

“What do you do?” How many times have you been greeted with these few words? Whether you are at a dinner party, a social outing or simply just meeting someone new, the standard order of questioning is  “Hello, how are you?,  “What do you do?” and “Who do you work for?” It’s no wonder so many […]