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Company Description

Biome Bioplastics is a fast growing, dynamic innovator and supplier in the emerging bioplastics market. Their passion is delivering functional polymers to their customers that perform in their own markets and give great bio-credentials. Biome Bioplastics team members have a wealth of polymer experience and pride themselves on a fundamental understanding of how their materials perform both technically (in service and in biodegradation/composting environments) and in their customers’ market applications.

Biome Bioplastics formulates and produces bioplastic compounds and produce the final polymer compounds through partners in the UK, Germany, USA and Canada. The business is headquartered in Southampton (UK) from where they serve a global customer base with product design and technical support. The current and future strategy of the business is centred around North America and in 2022, they incorporated Biome Bioplastics Inc. Canada and Biome Bioplastics Inc. USA to serve their growing position in the North American market. They have proudly built a strong reputation based on customer service, technical support and product quality. Biome Bioplastics have relationships with local warehousing and logistics partners in both the US and Canada which are fundamental to the overall service they provide.

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