Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Company Description

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce is one of the longest running and most influential business organizations in Canada. It is part of a robust business community that extends regionally, provincially, nationally, and around the globe within the Chamber and World Trade Centre Networks.  For almost 130 years, they have contributed to ambitious, foundational projects that have helped build Edmonton into the city it is today. Their track record of success has made them the sought‐after voice of business in Edmonton.  The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce has over 2,200 members, who employ more than 100,000 people, represent small, medium and large businesses, and every sector of the economy… from heavy industry and manufacturing to retail and non‐profit organizations.

Our valued client believes that a healthy, stable, and predictable business ecosystem in any community is good for business owners and good for all. As the economy thrives and wealth creation takes place, entrepreneurs who take business innovation risks, corporations who act as cornerstones of the business community, and providers of goods and services contribute to community development in large and small ways. It is often successful businesses that become a community’s most generous volunteers, philanthropists and advocates for social innovation.

Their Mission:

The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce provides an exceptional experience for members and helps bolster Edmonton’s business environment. We provide insights on issues, deliver professional development and networking for businesses, and advocate for conditions that keep businesses competitive.

Their Vision:

To be a relevant and contemporary Chamber of Commerce demonstrating value and leadership as we support business success in Edmonton.  

Their Goals:

Work to create a thriving environment for Edmonton businesses through advocacy to policy makers. 

Anticipate and respond to the changing needs of Edmonton’s business community, providing our members with the services and experiences they want and need.

Commit to the highest standards of organizational excellence in order to demonstrate the Chamber’s leadership and to ensure the Chamber remains strong and sustainable. 

For further information on our client, The Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, please visit their website at www.edmontonchamber.com.

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