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Company Description

Every parent wants their child to explore their world, experience meaningful participation and hold a valued role in their community. More than anything, every parent wants their child to live an ordinary life. That’s what our client, GRIT, wants too. GRIT is a non-profit organization that works alongside families and community partners to strengthen the skills and confidence needed to support every child’s learning and development. Since 1982, they have helped hundreds of children with developmental disabilities become meaningful participants in their families, communities, and schools.

As a trusted leader, they use research to guide their professional knowledge and practices to provide the resources and information needed to achieve the best outcomes for all children. GRIT offers support through two main program streams:

  1. Programs providing services directly to children and families including Early Childhood Services and Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Services.
  2. Programs where GRIT partners with Early Learning and Childcare programs including Access, Supports and Participation (ASaP), Inclusive Child Care (ICC) and Connecting Canada (CC).


Communities embrace diversity and uphold the rights of all children and their families.


To build on the skills, knowledge, and confidence of families and educators to ensure that children are supported in inclusive settings and meaningfully participate in everyday routines.


Family Centered Practice Parents hold a central role in decision making and choices for the well-being of their child and family. Parents actively participate, learn, and gain confidence to positively influence their children’s future.

Inclusion Embedded in GRIT’s work is the belief that “we all belong”. All children have the right to participate in every day places where children play and learn. . When children are included, they are active and valued participants in life.

Learning Through Play & Everyday RoutinesPlay nourishes development and forms a strong foundation for ongoing learning. Through play, children learn to make sense of their world, expand their imagination, gain independence and develop friendships.

Learning Community – Passionate and engaged people are GRIT’s most valuable asset. Together, we learn, seek knowledge, and discover innovative practices for our work.

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