Company Description


Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange) stands as a beacon in the non-profit realm, pioneering transformative approaches to address global social challenges and innovations. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, their ethos revolves around marrying innovation with social entrepreneurship to uplift vulnerable populations worldwide. ICChange tackles complex challenges in health, water, energy, nutrition, education, and economic development, aiming to create a ripple effect of positive change across communities and champions sustainable, community-centric solutions, reshaping the landscape of social impact and humanitarian aid.

ICChange’s work has impacted millions globally through a diverse range of programs. The KIMSSEA space is an innovative education, enablement, and entrepreneurship space outside of Nairobi, Kenya. CeraMaji is a ceramic water filter initiative to bring access to clean potable water in rural areas and informal settlements in East Africa. Other programs include the Kibera Medical Records Initiative, a program for electronic health records for slum dwellers, a Kenya Trauma and Injury Program, which is a comprehensive trauma and injury program supported by academic and government partners, and Solar Oxygen Labs, an initiative to bring access to reliable, off-grid oxygen in rural settings across Africa among many others.

For more information on ICChange, please visit https://www.icchange.ca/.