JV Driver Group

Company Description

Our client, JV Driver Group, established in 1989, is one of Edmonton’s most renowned organizations that has grown from a single entity, through organic growth and acquisition, to a global organization offering a wide range of services. The JV Driver Group, headquartered in Nisku, Alberta and operating through its subsidiary companies, provides a wide range of contractor services in the industrial, fabrication, maintenance, buildings, civil and infrastructure, marine, and environmental segments of the construction industry. Their organizational flexibility coupled with a strong track record, particularly in safety, gives them a unique offering in the market and stability as an organization through its diversification in service line and geography.

In the industrial sector, they provide all facets of industrial, fabrication, civil, construction, and plant maintenance capability in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, forestry, power, and marine sectors. They provide these capabilities through their subsidiaries JV Driver Projects, JV Driver Fabricators, IDL Projects, and DFB Driver.

Their extensive background in constructing commercial, multi-unit residential and industrial buildings spans over 40 years. They provide these capabilities through their subsidiaries IDL Projects, Metrocan Construction, Metrocan Projects, BFL Constructors and Scott Construction.

Their deep public infrastructure experience includes constructing roads, port facilities and airports.  They offer these services in Canada through IDL Projects and internationally through JV Driver International.  In addition, they have been offering services and manufacturing in the marine sector for over 80 years through their DF Barnes subsidiary.

The JV Driver Group operates across North America and internationally. They have recently acquired an organization in Scotland and JV Driver International is currently focused on international projects in Ghana, Africa and St. Kitts in the Caribbean.

Core Purpose:

Think Different, Build Better – you will do this by encouraging, developing and leading innovations in an environment where employees can think different and build better.

Core Values:

Take Care of Each Other – our sense of community runs deep at JVDG, and we care intensely about your health, happiness and success. This means we provide the flexibility and benefits to support you and your family in the good and in particularly, the difficult times. These are more than just words.  This also means you support your colleagues in helping them be successful and more importantly, safe.

Build Great Things – this defines JV Drivers’ core business, building large state of the art projects, across all sectors – it is what we do. It also applies to building great people, great teams, great relationships and great careers.

Be Innovative – this is about constantly getting better. We have a program that nurtures, implements, recognizes and rewards, the amazing ideas of our people.

Have Fun – If you are not having fun in your work, why do it?  We believe, and experience has shown us that Having Fun is fundamental to the well-being of our company and our people.

For more information on our client and to consider joining this dynamic organization, JV Driver Group, please review their website at www.jvdriver.com.

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