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Company Description

In June 1995, more than 40 corporate leaders and individuals committed their support to make Kids Kottage a reality. Leaders like the ‘First Lady’ of Alberta at the time, Mrs. Colleen Klein, and community leader and businessman, Mr. J.R. Shaw were two of the first to put their support behind the Kids Kottage vision.  Since the inception of the Kottage, they have evolved in their programming and philosophies to meet the needs of thousands of children. Kids Kottage is a 24/7 shelter operation for children 10 years and under that supports families by relieving them for a 72-hour period from the challenges they face like homelessness, the effects of poverty, mental or physical health barriers and/or toxic levels of stress.  The Kottage helps the whole family and fills in the gaps in a family’s support system, caring for the children while the adults are connected to the resources, they need to prevent the family from falling further into crisis.   The Kottage is, above all, a prevention service provider where families can gain strength and stay together.

There are a lot of people in this world who need help.  But there are a few more deserving of help than those under the age of ten. It’s about right now. It’s about the future. It’s about economics. It’s about human potential. It’s about doing the right thing.  It’s about breaking the cycle. It’s about giving children a chance to live. It’s about the belief that every child deserves to feel SAFE. That’s why Kids Kottage exists.

The Kids Kottage Vision and Mission are:


Our vision is to build strong families and ensure the safe-keeping and well-being of all children.


To prevent child abuse and neglect before it becomes a way of life.

To ensure children are safely cared for when their families are in crisis or need respite.

To assist parents in crisis, continually helping them work toward meeting their potential.


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