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Our client, Northern Gateway Public Schools (NGPS) supports those who have a hand in a child’s education by fostering a program-rich learning environment. In their commitment to education, they strive to create an environment where teachers, students, and the greater community can do their best work, together. NGPS operates 16 schools, four colony schools and four off-campus outreach programs, serving just under 5,000 learners in the communities of Alberta Beach, Onoway, Rich Valley, Darwell, Sangudo, Mayerthorpe, Whitecourt, Fox Creek and Valleyview.

NGPS believes that no matter who you are, you can learn there. From their students to their teachers, principal and staff, everyone is learning. Education happens every minute in every corner of every school, and not just between the bells but in all aspects of life. To NGPS education is a division-wide, school-to-school network of learning where giving up is not an option and pride is engrained in all they do. They know that learning makes everyone better – better students, better teachers, and better leaders. Learning brings communities closer and helps great ideas take shape. NGPS understands that every student is unique and intentionally creates spaces where every student feels welcome, inviting the whole family to participate in their education. They teach and inspire the whole child until they create an environment where every child leaves school saying: I matter. I’ve got this. I’m just getting started.

As leaders, Northern Gateway Public Schools’ values include The Three Cs:
Community, Collaboration, Creativity

Their motto is:
Learning for life. Together.

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