Robertson College

Company Description



Our Client, Robertson College, has been in operation for over 100 years and has established itself as a leading private post-secondary institution in Canada that is undergoing significant growth and expansion both domestically and globally. They pride themselves on offering students an inclusive community that respects the diversity and uniqueness of each student.


At the heart of their philosophy is the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth and development. Robertson College provides the opportunity to expand horizons and prepare their students for the next stage of their personal journey. Meaningful, challenging, industry-reviewed programs taught by qualified, dedicated instructors are at the core of Robertson College’s operation. Robertson ensures its students’ success by providing quality instruction, industry-aligned curriculum, and practical hands-on learning experiences. Robertson’s commitment to its learners is to connect work-ready students and graduates with industry and employer partners helping them to conduct a successful job search and find post-program employment.


Robertson is the School of New Work. Their vision is for everyone to have a good life through a prosperous and fulfilling career. Robertson’s mission is to empower their students with the most relevant training and up-to-date industry insights to thrive in a modern work environment. Having a deep understanding of the demands of the modern workforce is integral to what Robertson offers their learners.


Robertson strives to improve access to quality post-secondary education for all students through instructor and self-guided learning. They empower students to craft their education experience, giving them the choice between online guided, hybrid and online self-guided courses.


Internally, Robertson places value on building a work culture that is flexible and adaptive to the changing world of work. Robertson provides their team members a #MeDay each week to invest in themselves.


They also seek out diversity in their team by #CelebrateEverything and encourage team members to take paid time off to celebrate their cultural, religious, and spiritual holidays. Their team is intentionally


talent-dense – their strength lies in the differences in backgrounds and expertise that each bring to the table. They operate in a fast-paced environment where they continually challenge themselves to think outside of the box. They want their team to feel welcomed, energized, and engaged while having fun.


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