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Company Description

Songistry’s MDIIO (Music Data Intelligence In/Out) develops proprietary software for the music industry, helping music creators protect and manage their copyrights as well as monetize those copyrights through licensing arrangements with the world’s largest TV/ film studios, video game production companies, and advertising agencies. As a result, MDIIO works with a wide variety of music licensors to discover and license music with precision and accuracy leveraging artificial intelligence.

Music is responsible for much of what an audience feels when they watch a film or video. Its an emotional amplifier, and one of the most powerful tools in the creative arsenal. Music licensing has evolved and continues to shapeshift in interesting ways. The TV industry, the movie industry, the gaming industry, and the advertising industry are not interested in stock music. Using artificial intelligence, MDIIO delivers a unique experience not found anywhere else when discovering and visualizing the emotion of music.

MDIIO and MDIIO+ platforms utilize State of the Industry artificial intelligence to bring together music Creators, Industry Creatives and Enterprise Organizations into one transformative and transactional professional music ecosystem (M-a-a-S – Music as a Service). The traditionally laborious process of tracking collaborators, audio assets, lyrics, playlists, metadata, and sharing are a thing of the past. And through MDIIO+, music discovery and licensing are easier than EVER for users at every level by leveraging trademarked processes such as S.M.A.R.T playlists (Search MDIIO And Recommend Tracks). Industry wide, MDIIO is the world’s only true 360° music solution.

Delivering ground-breaking advantages in today’s industry, MDIIO is the only music management, pitching, collaborating, syncing, licensing, and project brief platform that utilizes AI and Machine Learning tools to discover and analyze tracks (Genre, Theme, and Mood), streamline workflows, provide transparency, automate processes, increase revenues, and reduce costs for Creators, Creatives, and Enterprise. MDIIO is the only unified platform in the world with AI and Machine Learning to help its artists network, protect, pitch, and break through the industry walls to place music with companies.


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