Tokyo Smoke

  • 590 King Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada View on Map

Company Description

Our client, Tokyo Smoke, a subsidiary of Oilers Entertainment Group, is an award winning, design focused, legal cannabis retailer. Founded in 2015, Tokyo Smoke opened their first brand store in Toronto, which quickly became a community hub where frank and open conversations about cannabis were possible. In 2017, the company expanded their presence to Calgary and won Best Brand at the Canadian Cannabis Awards. Now, the company has grown rapidly and has expanded to 62 retail locations. With recreational cannabis use now legal in Canada, what started as a tiny Tokyo Smoke storefront now stands to change cannabis culture in a big way.

Tokyo Smoke prioritizes providing a safe experience for all their customers above all else, and always has. Furthermore, the company provides and facilitates the exchange of wisdom so people can make informed purchases by emphasizing connection, transparency, and integrity. Tokyo Smoke creates a culture of warmth to empower conscious, confident cannabis shopping and consumption without stigma, intimidation, or pressure in their retail locations. Therefore, their stores are intentionally designed, approachable places to learn for all returning and curious customers.

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