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  • Post Date : January 8, 2023
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McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association (McMan) is a province-wide registered charity and not-for-profit human services Agency with services offered in four regions (Edmonton and North, Central, Calgary and South). Since opening its first program in Edmonton in 1975 McMan has grown and evolved into a dynamic not- for-profit social service Agency that provides a comprehensive range of programs. McMan is a well- respected organization and has earned a solid reputation as a responsive, highly competent, and innovative partner in service delivery.

Each Region is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by an Executive Director and leadership team. McMan Edmonton and North Region includes:

  • A 7 to 10-member governance Board of Directors.
  • Annual operating revenues exceeding $44 million, with funding mainly from the Government of Alberta, supplemented by limited fundraising and donations.
  • A stable foundation of programs and history of funding from Alberta Children’s Services, Alberta Community and Social Services and other partners.
  • A reputation for service innovation and strong community partnerships.
  • An employee complement of approximately 730 professionals who provide services to youth, families, and persons with disabilities in Edmonton and northern Alberta.
  • Several owned and leased facilities.


In 2023, McMan provided services to approximately 1,850 people in the cities and communities of Edmonton, Bonnyville, Paul First Nation, Enoch Cree Nation, Alexis Nakota Sioux First Nation, Edson, Hinton, Grande Cache, Whitecourt, Athabasca, Barrhead, Grande Prairie, and Fort McMurray. McMan’s two major service offerings are services to children and families and services to people with disabilities including:

  • Serving adults with disabilities in shared living settings, supported independent living programs and day programs.
  • Providing programs for children and youth who can’t live with their own families including foster care, group care and supported independent living.
  • Offering family programs that help parents care for their own children.
  • Delivering specialized programs that support youth and adults.


McMan’s Mission: To support and encourage individuals and families to achieve their full potential as members of their community.

McMan’s Values: McMan is proud to uphold the following values in interactions with all stakeholders: Commitment, Trust, Empathy, Respect and Genuineness.


Reporting to the McMan Edmonton & North Region Board of Directors, the Executive Director contributes to the success of the organization through accountability for the day-to-day administration and operation of McMan, and the development and implementation of plans to achieve the strategic priorities established by the Board in the strategic plan.

You will report to the Board and oversee the region including the 730 employees who are supporting the 1,850 clients. You will ensure the organization is aligning to the strategic vision, you will liaise with the two government ministries that fund the organization being Childrens Services and Community & Social Services providing reporting to support their funding, and you will uphold the culture of the organization through the service delivery philosophy:

  • Every person has unique strengths and capabilities and the right to live a full and meaningful life.
  • Services provided within the context of a person’s community and support network are more meaningful, effective, and practical for the person.
  • The provision of a flexible and responsive service, based on individual ability and need, is more effective than a rigid system that does not take the unique individual into consideration.



Service Delivery, Executive Leadership and Risk Management

  • Ensure service excellence, rigorous program evaluation and continuous
  • Ensure that all services are provided within the context of the Agency’s mission statement, values, and service delivery philosophy.
  • Ensure that all decisions to enter or continue with a service delivery contract are mission driven and ethically sound.
  • Promote efficient and effective business function operation, including appropriate resourcing for achievement of strategic priorities.
  • Establish strong working relationships with the Executive Directors of the other 3 regions and collaborative arrangements with funders, community organizations, businesses, government, and other stakeholders to further McMan’s mission and strategic
  • Create and guide a cohesive team of senior leaders who are collaborative in their approach and supportive of each other in their Lead, coach, develop and support the Senior Management Team, including direct reports.
  • Oversee policy development and
  • In conjunction with the Board President, act as a spokesperson and be the key media contact for the
  • Lead the agency’s risk management practices including identification, evaluation, mitigation, monitoring and reporting of operational and strategic risks.
  • Protect the organization against the risk of sudden Executive Director loss, ensuring at least one other executive is familiar with the Board, issues and processes, presenting a succession plan to the Board
  • Ensure systems are in place to meet requirements of all regulations, legal obligations and approved accreditation standards.


Governance, Board Administration and Support
  • Provide the Board, Board President, and committees with relevant information, as needed, to carry out their responsibilities in governance and oversight of McMan and the Executive Director’s performance. In the case of board members or committees requesting information or assistance without Board authorization, the Executive Director can refuse such requests that require, in the Executive Director’s opinion, a material amount of funds or staff time, or are disruptive.
  • Ensure that the Board is aware of other important but incidental information it requires, including, but not limited to, potentially significant media stories, threatened or pending lawsuits, significant internal changes and significant operational issues.
  • Submit reports and data required by the Board in a timely, accurate and understandable manner.
  • Execute motions officially passed by the Board. Decisions or instructions of individual Board members or committees are not binding on the Executive Director except in rare instances when the Board has specifically authorized such exercise of authority.
  • Ensure that the Board is aware of any changes in assumptions that affect previous or future decisions.
  • Report actual or anticipated non-compliance with any policy of the Board in a timely manner.
  • Support the Board President in the preparation and distribution of board meeting agendas.
  • Support the Board in a way that does not favour or privilege certain Board members over other except when fulfilling individual requests for information or responding to committees established by the Board.
  • Provide the Board with a workable mechanism for official board, board committee and executive management communications.


Financial Stewardship
  • Ensure commitments to government contracts are upheld and documentation/reporting are properly submitted.
  • Establish sound financial practices that comply with applicable laws, regulations, and standards to ensure organizational stability and sustainability.
  • Ensure preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements that are free from material misstatement and in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations.
  • Collaborate with the organization’s auditor and fulfill responsibilities as outlined in the Management.
  • Ensure Representation Letter provided annually to the auditor.
  • Operate with written financial policies and procedures that:
    • Promote honesty and integrity in all practices.
    • Protect against wrongful conditions such as fraud, waste, abuse, and personal gain.
    • Establish adequate internal controls that ensure integrity of financial and accounting information and promote accountability, including active oversight and review of such controls.
  • Adequately maintain and protect owned or leased assets and intellectual property from loss or significant damage.
  • Present a draft annual operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year to the Board for approval prior to March 31 each year. The budget will aim to maintain fiscal soundness for future years, including building organizational capacity sufficient to achieve the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Prepare, at minimum, quarterly and annual financial reporting in conjunction with the Director of Finance, for review by the Board and communicate relevant information as needed, in a timely manner.


Communication and Relationships
  • Actively participate in McMan’s council of Regional Executive Directors, as per the Council of Executive Directors Terms of Reference.
  • Ensure stakeholders are treated with respect, fairness, impartiality and cooperatively in a spirit of openness, honesty and transparency that encourages engagement, collaboration and respectful communication, valuing diversity and peoples’ unique qualities and strengths.
  • Initiate regular contact with funder representatives to further the goals of McMan Edmonton & North Region and to communicate progress and outcomes of programs, new initiatives and to foster strong trust-based relationships.
  • Foster and maintain positive relationships with leaders of other non-profit organizations, businesses, municipal, provincial, and federal officials (as appropriate) and individuals in the communities of Edmonton and northern Alberta.
  • Create effective two-way communication with employees with the goal of ensuring a healthy, stable, engaged, and highly professional workforce.


Human Resource Management
  • Through monitoring and support, ensure that human resource management is in full compliance with organizational values and guiding principles, applicable laws, regulations, standards, and agency Human Resource policies and is carried out with excellence.
  • Create and maintain a workplace environment that is physically and psychologically safe and that supports a healthy work-life balance.
  • Maintain policy and practice that supports both employee performance and employee well-being.
  • Operate within written organizational policies that protect against nepotism, ensure confidentiality, and promote transparent and fair processes.
  • Lead, guide and evaluate the Senior Management Team, including providing opportunities for development and motivating them to advance employee engagement and develop high performing teams.
  • Build a diverse, inclusive, positive, productive, and professional workplace culture.
  • Act as a catalyst for change that continually improves the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery, business functions and quality of work life for employees.
  • Assess and approve all formal disciplinary action up to and including termination of employees, volunteers, or contractors, as required.


Occupational Health & Safety
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to Health and Safety.
  • Provide adequate resources for implementing, maintaining, and improving McMan’s Health and Safety Management Program.
  • Include OHS activities and initiatives in business planning and ensuring that Health & Safety issues are given equal priority to cost, schedule and quality.
  • Ensure that an effective Health and Safety Management Program is in place which meets or exceeds all applicable Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislative requirements, applicable government regulations and industry standards.
  • Reinforce Health & Safety objectives throughout the organization using effective communication.
  • Respect individual rights and beliefs in a non-judgmental, non-violent, and harassment-free work environment.
  • Ensure working conditions are safe, healthy, respectful, fair, and dignified, promoting a work environment that supports wellness and productivity.



  • Build a strong understanding of the internal and external relationships of the Association ensuring a smooth transition of the operation under your new leadership.
  • Ensure the organization remains financially sustainable by building solid relationships with the Funders and ensure that all viable contracts are renewed.
  • Develop a strong relationship with the Board.
  • Work alongside the Board to build McMan’s vision and strategic plan for the future.
  • Provide strong leadership and a collaborative environment for senior management and the internal staff.


Given the pivotal role this individual will be expected to play in achieving the strategic objectives of the McMan and in supporting the success of the organization, it is essential that the successful candidate possess the following core competencies, experience, and attributes:



  • Undergraduate degree in humanities, human services, business or equivalent education being ideal.



  • 5+ years’ executive management experience in a medium to large non-profit agency with the ideal individual having experience in the human services sector with a strong business mind.
  • Consideration will be made to individuals who have executive leadership experience in medium to large corporations, transferable skills, and social connection to the cause.
  • Experience working for or with a non-profit Board of
  • Experience with financial reporting, managing risk and financial sustainability of an organization and/or department.
  • Experience in government and stakeholder relations would be considered an asset.


Competencies and Knowledge

Expected Knowledge

  • Willingness to learn the McMan services and programs.
  • Able to create an organizational culture that embodies the McMan values (commitment, trust, empathy, respect, genuineness).
  • Ability to build an environment supporting equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Committed to personal development.


Strong and authentic communicator

  • Ability to communicate clearly and succinctly.
  • Ability to make and implement decisions.
  • Confident in speaking publicly.
  • Manages and resolves conflict.
  • Gives honest and challenging feedback.
  • Compassionate listener.
  • Able to balance empathy and candor, directness, diplomacy and frankness.
  • A willingness to consider the view of others.


Inspiring Leader

  • Passionate about helping both clients and staff live their best possible life.
  • Persistence; not easily swayed because of some adversity or barriers.
  • Understands leadership styles.
  • Applies “evidence-based practice”.
  • Open to change and innovation.
  • Leads by example.


Passionate about building relationships

  • Ability to collaborate and create partnerships with other key stakeholders (e.g., other non-profits, funders, media etc.).
  • Empathetic and respectful.
  • Collaborative style, team builder.
  • Inspires confidence in others and creates an environment for success.
  • Models work/life balance.
  • Sense of humour.
  • Appreciation of staff, client needs, issues, and challenges.


Strong administrative and management skills

  • Comfortable with technology and tools.
  • Skilled in Human Resources Management.
  • Financial literacy.
  • Organized, able to prioritize tasks, manage stress and workload.
  • Astute managerial judgement.
  • Ability to accomplish complex and challenging tasks.
  • Awareness of impact and visibility of McMan in our community.
  • Able to anticipate and plan strategically for the future.



  • A culture of respect, collaboration, flexibility and fun.
  • Mental and personal well-being are at the forefront of the organization ensuring a psychologically safe environment.
  • Operate with the highest quality standards being known as a reputable and “go-to” agency in the human services industry.
  • A sizeable organization to lead in revenue, people and clients offering challenge and complexity.
  • To be a part of an organization leading transformational change in its sector.
  • Excellent benefits and flexibility where family and personal well-being are number one.


An excellent compensation package awaits the successful candidate.


Edmonton, Alberta


The Executive Director will work from the McMan main office and will travel throughout the region as required.


For the opportunity to join McMan Youth, Family & Community Services Association in the role of Executive Director, please email your resume to DreamBig@profoundtalent.com referencing Position ID # ADGI-111353.

Should you have an inquiry regarding this position, please contact Max Frank at 587-200-0114 ext. 102 or Terri Davis at 587-200-0114 ext. 101.

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