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  • Post Date : November 27, 2022
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Our Client, Robertson College, has been in operation for over 100 years and has established itself as a leading private post-secondary institution in Canada that is undergoing significant growth and expansion both domestically and globally. They pride themselves on offering students an inclusive community that respects the diversity and uniqueness of each student.

At the heart of their philosophy is the pursuit of knowledge and personal growth and development. Robertson College provides the opportunity to expand horizons and prepare their students for the next stage of their personal journey. Meaningful, challenging, industry-reviewed programs taught by qualified, dedicated instructors are at the core of Robertson College’s operation. Robertson ensures its students’ success by providing quality instruction, industry-aligned curriculum, and practical hands-on learning experiences. Robertson’s commitment to its learners is to connect work-ready students and graduates with industry and employer partners helping them to conduct a successful job search and find post-program employment.

Robertson is the School of New Work. Their vision is for everyone to have a good life through a prosperous and fulfilling career. Robertson’s mission is to empower their students with the most relevant training and up-to-date industry insights to thrive in a modern work environment. Having a deep understanding of the demands of the modern workforce is integral to what Robertson offers their learners.

Robertson strives to improve access to quality post-secondary education for all students through instructor and self-guided learning. They empower students to craft their education experience, giving them the choice between online guided, hybrid and online self-guided courses.

Internally, Robertson places value on building a work culture that is flexible and adaptive to the changing world of work. Robertson provides their team members a #MeDay each week to invest in themselves.

They also seek out diversity in their team by #CelebrateEverything and encourage team members to take paid time off to celebrate their cultural, religious, and spiritual holidays. Their team is intentionally talent-dense – their strength lies in the differences in backgrounds and expertise that each bring to the table. They operate in a fast-paced environment where they continually challenge themselves to think outside of the box. They want their team to feel welcomed, energized, and engaged while having fun.

For more information on Robertson College, please visit www.robertsoncollege.com.



Reporting to the CEO, the Vice President of Workforce will establish an internal Workforce Solutions Agency dedicated to placing Robertson graduates and alumni, ensuring their successful integration into the professional arena.

By focusing on strategy development, streamlined processes, and effective execution, you will establish Robertson Workforce Solutions Agency and ensure its success in facilitating optimal graduate and alumni placements and contributing to Robertson’s commitment to producing highly employable talent and delivering meaningful employment outcomes for our students. You will also spearhead the development and execution of a diverse suite of Workforce Solutions Services and Support programs to empower Robertson graduates and alumni with the necessary tools, knowledge, and support to navigate their professional journeys successfully and make meaningful contributions to their chosen fields.



Working collaboratively with other VPs and Leaders, the Vice President will build the strategy in support of the current vision, research the market in validation of the plan, create the process map for the student journey, build the internal team to execute on the strategy, identify external partnership opportunities and identify key milestones for outcome delivery.

Development of Strategy and Vision

  • Formulate a clear vision and mission for the Workforce Solutions Agency, outlining its role in supporting graduates’ career development and meeting employers’ talent
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the current employment landscape, identifying trends, gaps, and emerging opportunities to inform the agency’s strategic goals and objectives.

Establishment of Workforce Solutions Agency

  • Develop a strategic roadmap for creating and operationalizing an internal Workforce Solutions Agency to facilitate the placement of Robertson graduates and alumni into suitable employment opportunities.


Placement Strategy and Execution

  • Develop a comprehensive strategy for successful graduate and alumni placements, defining target industries, geographic regions, and employment positions based on market demand and student skill sets.
  • Collaborate with academic departments to align curriculum and learning outcomes with the specific needs of employers, ensuring graduates are well-prepared and competitive for targeted roles.
  • Establish a structured placement process, involving job matching, resume assistance, interview coaching, and post-placement follow-ups to maximize student and alumni success in securing employment.
  • Develop a technology platform and automate processes wherever possible.


Development and Execution of Workforce Solutions Services and Support Programs

  • Strategic Program Development
    • Lead the conceptualization, design, and development of a comprehensive suite of Workforce Solutions Services and Support programs tailored to address the diverse needs and aspirations of Robertson graduates and alumni.
    • Collaborate with internal stakeholders, academic departments, and industry experts to align program offerings with current market demands, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in preparing graduates for successful careers.
  • Customized Career Development Initiatives
    • Oversee the creation of specialized programs that offer personalized career development services, including resume building, interview preparation, career coaching, mentorship opportunities, and networking events, to enhance graduates’ job prospects and professional growth.
  • Partnership and Industry Engagement
    • Collaborate with industry partners and professionals to design programs that offer valuable insights, workshops, and training sessions, bridging the gap between academic learning and practical industry knowledge.
  • Regular Program Evaluation and Enhancement
    • Establish a framework for ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness and impact of the Workforce Solutions programs, collecting feedback from participants and stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and enhancement.
    • Continuously iterate and evolve the suite of programs to keep them relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with the evolving needs of the job market and the aspirations of graduates and alumni.


Budget Management

  • Develop, monitor, and manage the department’s budget
  • Allocate resources judiciously, optimizing expenditures to meet workforce objectives within budgetary constraints.
  • Provide financial analyses and reports to executive leadership, justifying budget proposals and identifying areas for cost optimization.


Cross-functional Collaboration

  • Collaborate with other departments to align workforce strategies with organizational goals, fostering a cohesive and synergistic approach across the organization.


Change Management

  • Lead change initiatives effectively, facilitating seamless transitions during organizational changes, restructures, or process improvements.


Pipeline Management and Reporting

  • Develop and manage a comprehensive pipeline to track the progress of graduates and their employment status, providing regular reports to senior leadership and relevant stakeholders.
  • Monitor and report employment rates, success stories, and feedback from both graduates and employers, identifying areas for improvement and refinement.


Processes and Workflow Design

  • Design and develop efficient and standardized workflows for the agency, encompassing employer engagement, candidate selection, interview coordination, and post-placement support.
  • Establish quality control mechanisms to ensure the accuracy and integrity of candidate profiles, job postings, and employer communications throughout the placement process.


Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Implement the defined strategy and processes through effective collaboration with academic departments, career services, alumni associations, and employer partners.
  • Conduct regular training sessions and workshops to educate students, alumni, and academic staff on the agency’s offerings, processes, and the importance of early career planning and engagement.
  • Monitor and evaluate the agency’s performance in terms of placement rates, satisfaction levels, and employer feedback, identifying areas for improvement and making data-driven adjustments to enhance effectiveness.


Standardized Engagement with Graduating Students

  • Collaborate with academic teams and learner guides to engage with graduating students, providing guidance, resources, and opportunities to prepare them for successful entry into the workforce.
  • Develop and execute a standardized engagement plan.


Engagement and Integration of Alumni Involvement

  • Encourage active participation and contribution from alumni by involving them as mentors, guest speakers, or advisors in various Workforce Solutions Services and Support programs, enriching the learning experience for current students.
  • Engage with Robertson alumni to foster a network of support and mentorship, facilitating career growth and opportunities for both recent and seasoned graduates.
  • Encourage alumni to contribute to the success of the Workforce Solutions Agency by providing insights, job openings, and industry connections.


Relationship Management with Employer Partners

  • Cultivate and nurture relationships with existing employer partners, ensuring ongoing engagement, satisfaction, and mutual benefit from our
  • Act as a liaison between employers and graduating students, facilitating connections, interviews, and employment opportunities.
  • Regularly gather feedback and insights from employers to understand their evolving needs, expectations, and satisfaction levels regarding Robertson graduates’ performance and contributions.
  • Proactively address any concerns or challenges raised by employers, seeking to continuously improve our services and tailor academic programs to meet industry demands effectively.
  • Collaborate with the employer partners to identify opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, and other experiential learning initiatives, enhancing the practical skill development of our students and increasing the attractiveness of our graduates to employers.
  • Recognize and celebrate successful collaborations and partnerships, showcasing the positive impact Robertson graduates have made within the organizations, reinforcing our commitment to producing high-quality talent and maintaining a strong rapport with our employer network.


New Employer Acquisition

  • Strategize and execute efforts to expand the network of employers seeking to hire Robertson graduates, showcasing the skills and capabilities of our alumni to attract new partnerships.
  • Evaluate industry needs and employment trends to align with academic programs, ensuring graduates are well-matched for available job opportunities.


Leveraging Technology and Collaboration with Systems Team

By leveraging technology and collaborating closely with the Systems team, the VP will enable the Workforce Solutions Agency to operate efficiently, utilize data-driven insights, and harness the power of automation for seamless processes and enhanced stakeholder experiences.

  • Utilizing Technology for Efficiency
    • Leverage advanced technological solutions, including data analytics, job matching platforms, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Workforce Solutions Agency’s operations.
    • Explore and implement innovative tools and software that can automate administrative tasks, streamline communication with stakeholders, and provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.
  • Collaborating with the Systems Team:
    • Work closely with the Systems team to identify, develop, and integrate technology solutions tailored to the needs of the Workforce Solutions Agency.
  • Collaborate on the design and implementation of a user-friendly, centralized platform that integrates with existing systems, ensuring seamless access to candidate data, job opportunities, and placement progress tracking.
  • Facilitate regular communication and knowledge sharing between the Workforce Solutions Agency team and the Systems team to address technical challenges, optimize system performance, and drive continuous improvement.
  • Training and Skill Enhancement:
    • Provide training and upskilling opportunities to the Workforce Solutions Agency team on the effective use of technology and software tools, enhancing their proficiency and maximizing productivity.
    • Encourage continuous learning and exploration of emerging technologies relevant to workforce development and placement operations.


  • Understand the vision of Robertson’s Workforce Solutions Agency building a strategic and operational plan to create the division in a researched and thoughtful manner.
  • Identify a launch date for the division building timelines and milestones to achieve this.
  • Build consistency internally with the current co-op program offering for both the Domestic and Global operations and managing all change resulting from this process alignment.



Given the pivotal role this individual will be expected to play in achieving the strategic objectives of the company and in supporting the success of the organization, it is essential that the successful candidate possess the following core competencies, experience, and attributes:


  • Post-secondary education in a related field such as business or human resources is ideal with experience in lieu being considered.
  • A master’s or advanced degree in a related field would be considered an asset.



  • Extensive experience (10+ years) in workforce development, talent acquisition, or related roles.
  • Experience having worked in or led a team in a recruitment agency required.
  • Experience in leadership and management roles (5+ years)
  • Experience in building a new department, division or business would be an asset.
  • Experience in technology implementation (from a user perspective).
  • Proven ability to establish and manage partnerships with employers and stakeholders, driving successful employment outcomes for individuals and/ or student graduates.
  • Strong understanding of workforce trends, employment market dynamics, and career development strategies.
  • Exceptional leadership, communication, and relationship-building skills.


Competencies and Knowledge

  • An entrepreneurial attitude with experience in building and creating.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong supervisory and leadership skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.


Personal Profile

  • Highly accountable, taking ownership and initiative for your department.
  • Can function independently without a lot of guidance.
  • Is resourceful seeking information as needed.
  • Strong communication skills keeping leadership and other stakeholders informed as needed.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to build relationships with stakeholders, customers, and colleagues.
  • Is a strong coach and mentor supporting a team through growth and learning.
  • Collaborative working together as a team to get the desired results, not hierarchical.
  • Enjoys a fast-paced and ever-changing environment viewing this as exciting and a challenge.
  • Highly motivated, with a demonstrated passion for excellence and taking initiative.
  • Lives the core values and vision of Robertson.
  • “Roll up your sleeves” attitude and enjoys making things happen.
  • Open to candid feedback, seeing this as an opportunity for learning and individual growth.



An excellent compensation package awaits the successful candidate.



Edmonton, Alberta



This position will work on-site and will be expected to travel to all Robertson College locations.



For the opportunity to join our client in the role of Vice President of Workforce please email your resume to DreamBig@profoundtalent.com referencing Position ID # ACQO-016456.

Should you have any inquiry regarding this position, please contact Terri Davis at 587-200-0114 ext. 101.

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