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You want it FREE? On DISCOUNT? Business In The Real World Doesn’t Work That Way.

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you work for the governmentWhy do people and procurement departments expect consulting firms and specialist service providers to offer their expertise and time for free or at discounted rates? Try that approach at your favourite delicatessen, or with your heart surgeon. See how long it is before you’re shown the door.

This little explainer from Zulu Alpha Kilo sums up the feeling of your consulting vendors in your RFP process. Asking for free strategy and advice while insisting on a cut-throat, discount process hurts you, too. Your reputation, your efficiency, the passion (or lack thereof) that your partners feel working for you. Asking for free strategy, or trials of product, or discounts don’t work in the real world, so why insist on it from your service provider partners? It hurts everyone, especially growing, local businesses. Let’s stop the spec, free, deep discount, one-sided RFP approach once and for all, and seek out some truly dedicated partnerships together! Respect and value the services you buy and you’ll get what you’re paying for.

As anyone knows, that’s the way business in the real world works.

Thanks to Zulu Alpha Kilo for this truth in advertising:

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